Saturday, January 26, 2008

Project Wonderful - Earn money from your blog

Being a work from home person is always a dreamy thought and with the current developments in the blogging scene, it's possible to make blogging a full time job. Read: It's possible.

The latest money making website I found is Project Wonderful. They let you sell ad space on your blog and advertisers with the highest bid gets to display their ad on your blog.

They use what is called "ad boxes" and you can choose from different sizes, this means you get to choose how big or small the ads will be.

Project Wonderful pays via paypal which is available here in the Philippines. As you accept more ads, the bids will get higher too and that means more money for you!

Project Wonderful is only one way to earn money from home, back track to my previous posts to read more about making money out of your pinay blogs. If you have time to write and promote your blog, surely your work will be rewarded in time.

Visit Project Wonderful's website at