Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rent vs. Gas Expense - Is it time to move closer to work?

Should Pinays consider paying on rent and relocating to a place nearer to the office rather than spend on gasoline that is ever increasing in price?

I think this is a good idea but it depends on how much you actually spend on gas or in transportation expenses such as bus, tricycle, and train fares.

Rent usually costs 4,000 pesos up to 8,000 pesos. Of course, more expensive rent fees means more upscale apartments and locations. Aside from savings that you can make from transpo expenses, you also save on time and earn more opportunities to catch some sleep.

Imagine being able to walk to your office building and waking up to a maximum of 30 minutes before work starts. Wow, that is a dream come true for many Pinays like me.

One drawback is that you cannot bring your family and all your comfy furnitures with you when you relocate but you have more energy to work and less worries on making it on time or getting home safe.

Consider these options, I too am in the look out for space. During these times of price increase and heavier traffic, renting is an attractive idea.