Monday, June 29, 2009

Pinay Money Maker increases Adsense Earnings

Do you have an old blog that you haven't posted in for quiet a long time? Well, make time to post a new entry because it could just surprise you with how much it can earn from Adsense!

I was surprised at how posting a new entry on Pinay Money Maker added a daily $1 increase in my earnings. Sounds small but where can you get $1 for free right? And for the first day since I posted a new entry about unemployment and being financially challenged, this blog has earned 7 clicks.

So think about your old blogs or if you don't have one yet, maybe it's time to tune in to your passion or even frustrations and start blogging.

What could have helped the increase in Adsense Earnings:

1. Change in blog layout

2. Fresh content

3. Effective use of keywords within the blog posts

Do you have tips on how to increase adsense earnings? Drop them here through the comments link and share the love :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Suddenly Broke and Jobless

You are not alone! Remember, we are in a financial rut and it only means it's harder to get a decent job or even start a business. But hey, if there's a will - there's a way!

When a woman is suddenly jobless, problems aside from money build up. One of which is family and peer pressure. Why is your mother not treating you the same since you were unemployed? Why are your friends suddenly disappearing as soon as they heard you are broke? It's very easy to fall into depression but being in that state will only make it harder to rise above the situation.

First and foremost, this is the best time to take care of yourself. Put your health in check, forget about your family, boyfriend, or friends for a while. You must focus on getting things done and find creative ways on how to earn. Do not fall or get sucked in oblivion just yet, set things straight and make do with what you have.

1. What are your talents? - this is the best time to hone them and experiment on how you can earn by doing what you love. Be guided by the Internet, find success stories and ideas that relate to your skills.

2. Don't stop job hunting but don't be obsessed either - whenever you find an interesting job post, send your resume. If you think you are not interested in working for a company then do not bother sending your resume and getting an interview scheduled. This is a waste of time and money on both parties. If you really like something you are applying for, follow up on them to show your interest and for you to know the status of your application. This will save you from over thinking and stressing yourself out if you got the job or not.

3. Ignore the Unnecessary - financial and employment problems are huge matters for women to deal with. If your family, boyfriend or friends are not cooperating, ignore them. You don't need additional burden in times like these, yet do not do anything drastic or anything you cannot handle. They should understand that you need all the support and motivation that you can get at times like these. Do not push yourself to spend even more or borrow money just to be with them, accept your current situation and use this time to learn to be happy with yourself.

4. Make money online - sounds cliche but if you dedicate time and effort, a Pinay like you can make money online inside your own house. (Will post an update of the latest sites that can earn you some dollars with your blogs).

5. Sell Stuff - if you are a shopaholic, you probably have something unopened and new. Try selling things you do not need to friends to keep you upfloat. Yet, refrain from capitalizing on inventory. Start with your vintage things like clothes that do not fit, unwanted shoes, books, and open up an ukay garage sale.

Finally, use this time to improve yourself if not by going to salons then by natural methods such as drinking plenty of water, sleeping on time, running, or yoga. This is also the best time to observe how you are a strong pinay that can rise above and learn from the current financial crisis.