Saturday, August 16, 2008

Check your SSS contributions online!

SSS or Social Security System has finally made their website work and members can finally check their total contributions, loan status, claims, and so on.

Members should register first and you will receive the temporary password on your nominated email address. Register here:

SSS and other government deductions on a pinay's paycheck may seem like a pain for the Pinay worker's wallet but don't forget that you will reap the benefits anyway! Being able to see our total contributions added with that of the Pinay's employers is very motivating to keep working and paying SSS contributions!

Think of it as another piggy bank that you can crack open when you retire. I am not sure though how contributions can be claimed even before one reaches the age of 60.

Remember that after registering online, keep monitoring your email until it comes. It may land on spam so also check that folder. Once you get the password, login with it right away and change the password to the one you prefer.

I actually received 3 different passwords and when I tried it, they did not work so I just clicked on forgot password. Now I can see my SSS contributions too!

Keep on making and saving money! :)