Thursday, July 9, 2009

Working in Odesk

Odesk is the new cash cow of Pinay women who like to work at home, conveniently at the time they choose. So, how does a pinay like you get started with Odesk?

Pinay money maker tried it for the first time yesterday, and here are some tips and what to expect in Odesk:

1. Simply login to and sign up for an account. Your username should be close to your name for professionality's sake. For example, your name is Anna Santos, then try a username "asantos".

2. Don't be lazy to update your profile as your profile is the key to acquiring work in this virtual office. Upload a professional looking photo, fill out your employment history, skills, education, and upload sample works if you have them. If you have a website, then supply its link as well.

3. Get Odesk Ready by taking the Odesk Readiness Test. I had my Odesk account for years but I did not want to take the readiness test because I thought it is too long. In fact, it only has 11 questions and you can refer to the links provided beside each question to help you get the correct answers! I also could not believe how easy that was.

4. Apply like there's no tomorrow. The first "buyer" or the person you want to work for is always hard to find, specially if you are new in Odesk. In the find jobs section, look for Odesk Certified Buyers. Hourly jobs are safer to take than fixed rate jobs.

5. Odesk pays out via Paypal, so be sure to have a reliable Paypal account. The best way to withdraw your payments is through Union Bank's Eon card, according to pinays who have been working and making money with Odesk.

Try your luck in Odesk now and become one of the many pinay virtual employees making money online! :)