Monday, October 1, 2007

Employee, Entrepreneur, or somewhere in between?

At some point in a woman's life, she'll ponder whether she'd want to become a full time employee or an entrepreneur. I've a lot of friends, relatives, and including myself wrecking our brains out on what we'd like to become.

Most people today are directed towards becoming an entrepreneur. However, many just get frustrated because they realize that they lack capital and the drive, and the training to run a business. if you are a normal person earning a normal wage, deciding to venture into a business is as risky as getting into a lion's cage. If you fail, all the money you've saved up are gone and eaten by oblivion.

Being an employee forever may not sound too good too! So what plan should we have then? Why not try being an in between? Being in-between will raise a lot of eyebrows but this is worth a smart try.

The easiest way perhaps to earn money is by becoming an employee. The first step in venturing into a business is looping in capital. So by becoming an employee, you are somewhat preparing for your own business in the future (entrepreneurship). Believe me, imagining a business and planning one without sufficient fund is a waste of time and energy. When one has enough money, this is the time when you have the power to make more decisions as choices are wider when you have fat fundings. Just like when you go shopping, when you have more money, your choices are broader. you won't end up having the same bag like all the girls out there and when it comes to business, you'll have more choices than just putting up a cellphone loading station when the entire neighborhood has the same business.

To rub the point further, it's best to save first than venture into small, shaky, risky, energy-eating mainstream businesses but instead, do the selection when you have gained enough funds to make better decisions. Always remember to have a back up savings in case your business does not win and you do this by saving more of your salary.

Finally when you've gained enough savings/funds to select a business. I advice that you don't quit your job first, test the water and see if your business can really feed you forever. In this case, one foot is in being an employee and the other foot is in entrepreneurship. This is just a theory I'd like to share, really and again, it may not work for you. By being two at the same time, you gain first-hand experience and this is the best situation to decide which one you'd rather become. What ifs are diminished because there you are now and things are much clearer to examine. There are still lots of angles and loop holes BUT i'll make sure we discuss those too, soon :)

To answer the future question of what the writer is, i am an employee saving money to gain more choices and make wiser decisions in the future.

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