Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Are you buying an Asset or a Liability?

Often we find ourselves choosing between two items when shopping. But the important question to keep in mind is whether you are buying an ASSET or a LIABILITY. Definitely, it's better to buy something that you can earn from rather than an object that will cost you lots of expenses and would not earn you money.

A famous example is buying a car vs. buying insurance or investments. If you dont have a car yet, then go ahead and buy one. But for those who collects cars, they may be trapping themselves to expenses. Think: gas, repairs, etc. When you buy insurance or invest your money, you can let your money work for you! While you are doing nothing, your money is still earning interest and will give you more than you handed out. whereas, cars depreciate and lose value over time just like mobile phones! think of the nokia series, every year, prices go down as much as 50% and your mobile phone is less valuable than the day you first bought it.

The best to do is think hard first and think whether or not you are decreasing or increasing your wealth with every purchase.

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