Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why Pinays should earn their own money

Hi! This is a new blog wherein you can read some non-professional money making techniques and strategies. I'm based in the Philippines but money is a universal concept. We all want to eliminate debt in order to start funding our own future. Most of the blogs about finance and investments i know are ran by male Filipinos and they are my inspiration for running this site too.

Pinays should also be educated on how to handle their money. As much as we want to have husbands that are good providers, it's always better to have a plan B and buy the things that we want for ourselves or live the life that we aspire to have independently.

I hope to hear from you too! I am not an expert but a mere individual who wants to learn also and become a pinay money maker :)If you have articles that you want to share , please email

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