Saturday, December 29, 2007

Did Christmas leave a hole in your pocket?

Sure, Christmas was so much fun it wasn't hard to forget about budgets and savings. To be honest, Pinay Money Maker also exceeded budgets! But 2008 is approaching and we've got to take hold of our pockets and recover. Yup, expenses may send any money maker into the doldrums and create a monetary snowball effect.

First you've got to forgive yourself. Even if you can't see where your money went, be kind to yourself and think about the warm memories during Christmas. Remember the face of your favorite niece as she opened your multitude of gifts? Priceless.

Count again. Don't pretend nothing happened to your savings account during the Yuletide season. Track once more how much money you've left, it's okay to feel discouraged but hey, it's good you still have savings instead of debts.

It's not the end of the world. Come January you'll receive yet another roll of pay from work and you can use this to patch up the hole created by the oh so happy season. Think rich and even if it's not yet in your account, stop frowning and imagine how much more you can make in 2008.

Be thankful for the gifts you've received. And use them! don't stack your gifts up in the closet. Keep your gifts somewhere visible so you can actually use them. This will save you from buying the same item in case you forget.

Now is the perfect time to create your money making goals for the New Year. Would you like to start participating in Mutual Funds this coming year? or would you like to build up your time deposits? What is your money making goal?

Happy Money Making everyone!

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