Saturday, December 8, 2007

5 Christmas Bazaar Money Tips

Pinay Money Maker was at the World Bazaar yesterday, lots of people shopping and if you observe, you can see lots of stressed out faces too!

To prevent turning this fun activity to a stressful and expensive one, here are some tips for you:

1. Go with a mission - take 5 minutes and ponder your mission, are you buying more for yourself or are you going to buy gifts for others? Most of the time it's both so just give a percentage like:

30% - gifts for myself
70% - gifts for others

Doing so will not only help you sort your money but also manage your time. Time flies during bazaars and you have to be in control.

2. Eat before you go - eat as if you are going to war, seriously. If you don't have carbs and protein in your system, you might not endure all the pushing and toe stepping : ) having a full stomach contributes to have full focus and that will prevent you from making unnecessary purchase.

3. Plan - if you have a Christmas list, bring it. If not, just keep in mind what are the items you are looking for and have a counter plan when you don't find them. This way, you don't contribute to the direction less crowd. This is not the time to think what you should get for who because there is no thinking floor space, it's either you buy or move forward.
4. Skip the abubots (accessories) unless for gifts - ever wondered where all the stuff you bought from last year's bazaar went? They went to unused and forgotten planet! Most of the time, the accessories you buy gets lost or you realize it's not going to work out for that fancy bracelet and your closet. Try to skip the abubots like trinkets, bracelets, key chains, necklaces, and fancy rings. Stick to buying stuff that can be used for all purposes like tshirts and pants.

5. Go against the crowd - from the entrance, look at the areas which are filled with people and those that still have breathing space. Go for the second if you don't want pushing and be able to enjoy looking around without hurrying up.


Only bring your bazaar budget, mine was just P1,000 and I ended up with all useful stuff that can be used anytime and anywhere :)


kirbitz said...

Nice post pinay money maker! btw, your blog title rocks! keep it up and in no time, youll be earning alot!

Go filipino bloggers!


Suzaku Lace said...

thanks kirbitz! :)