Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blogging for Money Seminar on Nov. 24

Seminars make people like you and me use free time wisely. Next Saturday, November 24 at the Podium, The Blogging for Money Seminar will be held. I haven't registered but it's 1,500 pesos for an 8-hour session with money making blogger, Mr. Able Olandres.

Last week I came across, I registered one of my blogs but Pinay Money Maker was declined to join because there are not that many pages yet :( Smorty lets you incorporate sponsored links in your blog posts and you'll earn a minimum of $6 for each. Not bad eh? I can't say if it's real YET because when i try to access their site to check if some of my posts were approved, their site is always down and i haven't experienced payment YET. But maybe you can try it or i'll post it here if ever it turns out real and profitable.

Next Saturday can be a good venue to learn other alternatives on how to make money out of blogs, if this is one of your hobbies. You can check out the details of the seminar here.

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