Thursday, November 22, 2007

What is your financial security blanket?

I still bring my pillow whenever I ride the car to work, it makes me feel more comfortable and it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling! Now when it comes to money, what makes you feel secure? do you have a financial security blanket? If your answer is no, then you should start weaving one.

Nothing beats the feeling of being secure and safe, no matter what happens, especially when some situations can make all our money disappear at once. Your financial security blanket need not to be money IMHO, it's something that you can depend or fall back on. It can be a business idea, a skill, or an investment that you can easily sell when a rainy day comes.

Becoming debt free is a great achievement and once you've reached this goal, the next step is to set aside some money or other assets that can give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. Keep your eyes always open for opportunities and don't be like the horses looking only at one direction, in our case, looking only at one source of income. Be creative with your financial plans and discover as many security blankets as possible, it will give you more courage to explore high risk but high yielding investments, professions, and businesses in the future too, because win or lose, you'll always have that soft, comfortable blankie to fall back on.

Good night everybody!

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