Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pinays can Make Money out of their Blogs

Hello! Pinay world, I am back from yesterday's Blogging for Money Seminar and because generosity is never a bad thing, here are the things that Pinay Money Maker learned for the benefit of our readers.

There are a lot of bloggers who blog for different reasons and it's not bad to make money on the side. First things first, to be a successful blogger you'll need patience and focus. The more focused your blog on a single topic, the more valuable your blog is for advertisers and readers.

Advertising placement is the main money source for most blogs and here are some of the best links that can monetize your blog:

1. Google AdSense - everybody knows already so move on to number 2.
2. Text Link Ads - this one is easy to setup but your blog has to be approved first.
3. Kontera - links will appear inside your content, making relevant keywords hyperlinked to the advertiser's websites. Very neat and effective.
4. Amazon Associates - best if you target US audience who are comfortable to use credit cards online
5. Review Me - get paid to post reviews of various products, this one affects the content of your blog.
6. Join blog networks - search google for blog networks more popular ones include b5media, CW, and Know more Media. Here you can be paid per post or do profit sharing.
7. Direct Ad Sales- if you're confident about your blog you can ask local and international companies yourself, if they'd want their ads on your fantastic blog.

Blogs can make your dreams come true, no kidding! It can help you earn from doing what you love most, make a profession out of it, and get your skills noticed. It is only a question whether you really have the dedication and time to manage your blog and the topic you chose should be that subject that you breathe and live everyday.

Job Opportunity: Full-time Bloggers

I am looking for 4 bloggers, whether you think you are good or not, as long as you have the will, you can achieve it! :) It's for a regular job, 8am - 5pm, we don't accept work from home. If you are interested kindly send your resumes to

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